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Lay back and relax, while we are making your Home clean.

MY Services

Why Choosing MY Services?

We are a team of dedicated professionals, who originally came from the Hospitality Industry. We have over 10 years of experience in servicing valued guests, providing Cleaning Service in 5-star hotels and resorts around the globe.

Our goal is to take care of you, to let you have more time for yourself.

Listening to our valued customers, we came up with two major packages to serve you well: “Daily Cleaning” and “Deep Cleaning“.

Why MY Services, Krakow is the best cleaning services provider on the local market and why is it important.

1. Flexibility. We, at MY Services constantly looking for a way to make a step forward towards our values Customer in order to provide you as much flexibility as possible: easy on-line booking, a range of cleaning packages, a range of time-cleaning slots and many more!

2. Professionalism. Service industry is what we endorse. We believe that serving people is a challenging, but rewarding experience Therefore we pay a lot of attention to setting up the highest standards, both: to methods and practices we use in our job, and in choosing the right people for the job.

3. Experience. Hospitality Industry background taught us how to serve you right. How to serve you exceeding your expectations. This practice we implemented in our cleaning services.

4. High-quality supplies. Doing our job, we use only highest quality supplies. Therefore, we guarantee that cleaning will take less time than our competitors and with much better results.

5. Insurance. We understand that accidents can happen to the best, but we believe that the solution is what counts the most. In order to protect you, we have insured every single visit from any unexpected breakages or accidents.

codzienne sprzątanie mieszkania w Krakowie
firma sprzątająca mieszkania w Krakowie

About MY Services.

Providing our services, we always using professional equipment and professional detergents, which makes it quicker and much safer for our valued Customer.

When ordering services from us, you may be 100% confident that we will carry out the order properly – all our team-members are well-trained and follow strict Standards of sanitation as well as strict internal policies.

We sincerely believe that each of this package will cover your needs for a reasonable price.

Our Blog.

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